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Sunday March 21, 2010
Start: 12:00

Two international poets clarify questions relating to poetry of the Deaf.

Start: 12:00

Dtv connects at St Vincent while they celebrate the school's 75th birthday.

Start: 12:00

In Candice @, I meet with a star who wants to see to the divorce rate in Mzanzi.

Sunday March 28, 2010
Start: 12:00

In Burning Questions,two international deaf poets answer questions relating to poetry.

Start: 12:00

Dtv connects with a deaf pastry chef in Cape Town.

Sunday April 4, 2010
Start: 11:30

Dtv follows the Minister of Youth, Children, Women and Persons with Disabilities as she visits the NID in Worcester.

Start: 11:30

Dtv and the 16 Zwakala finalists go on a tour through UJ, one of our proud sponsor of this year's Zwakala.

Start: 11:30

In Candice @, I chat with Kaos Matu.

Start: 12:00

In Burning Questions, two international deaf poets answer questions relating to poetry.

Sunday April 11, 2010
Start: 11:30

In Candice @, I learn more about the Brothers for Live ad that targets the deaf community.

Start: 11:30

Dtv pays tribute to late Dr Robert Simmons.

Start: 11:30

Dtv connects with deaf artists at the Fourth European Clind'oeil Festival in France.

Start: 11:30

In Burning Questions, two international poets clarify questions from the deaf community.

Sunday April 18, 2010
Start: 11:30

Does art imitate life or vice versa? In Burning Questions artists share their views.

Start: 11:30

Dtv attends the fourth Clin d'oeil Arts Festival in France and joins the festival goers at the festival's European shortfilm competition.

Start: 11:30

Did you miss the art of silence? Let's see what Troy gets up to this week?

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