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Dtv Salutes Braam Jordaan

Braam Jordaan 2.jpg
Braam Jordaan, a young Capetonian, from a predominantly deaf family is currently working as film/animation director. Film and Animation are obviously a very good choice as it is very visually-driven and the only thing he could not do was the sound, but being Deaf has never put him down. The colours are his music! The cartoon Graca TV commercials are one of his latest work. Visit his website at for more information. The Rubbish Monster book is based on multi award-winning animation about a young boy who casts his chocolate box away carelessly. As soon as the chocolate box lands on the ground, it begins to twitch. All the litter in the vicinity suddenly amalgamates into a humanoid rubbish monster which proceeds to attack the locals. This Braam Jordaan’s first book! :) published in 2009. The animated version of The Rubbish Monster was awarded Best Animation at MultiChoice Vuka! Awards in 2006, but the success didn't stop there. It also won another two awards for Commissioned Film of 1 Minute and Under category at Kalamazoo Animation Festival International (KAFI) in Chicago and Jury's Special Prize at 11th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF) in South Korea, respectively. The spot is also officially selected at AniFest in the Czech Republic and nominated at Rochester Deaf Film Festival. The Rubbish Monster was among the 169 selected films from 1275 received from 41 countries and the SICAF attracts 130 000 visitors annually - both ordinary visitors and key industry players from all around the world. The fact that Braam is Deaf was never mentioned to the judging panel, proving that his creativity goes beyond any physical disability. "It was a warm glow of satisfaction to win the prize since the other finalists in the same category were of very high standard. It was absolutely wonderful to experience the exposure of fresh and unique international animation and to celebrate the diversity of progress made by animators from all sides of the world. I've met lots of people from Dreamworks SKG, Disney Animation Studio and Nickelodeon. The response has been absolutely fantastic, it will go a long way when showing the global market what talented animators there are in South Africa and thus benefit the industry as a whole. Lots of people enjoyed The Rubbish Monster and the producers even urged to broadcast it in Europe since the message is universal enough …”, Braam reports.

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