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South African Sign Language


Many people are fascinated with SL and they should because it is a beautiful language.
Dtv has a new slot where we teach Sign Language, so if you have been practising, make sure you don't miss the lessons.

We welcome comments, criticism and encouragements which will help us to bring you better programmes.

South African Sign Language Dictionary

SLED has developed a South African Sign Language (SASL) dictionary that covers basic vocabulary including, but not limited to, food, places, household objects, people, emotions, questions and time. The book and accompanying DVD have been designed not only as a reference for SASL vocabulary, but also to give a sound introduction to the grammar of the language.


Western Cape Sign Language gets Another Boost

Multilingual pamphlets containing valuable information on SASL and the Deaf were created by the Western Cape's Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport's Language Services Unit.

This was done in an effort to assist the implementation of the Western Cape Language Policy.

SL interpreter image.jpg

Want to learn Sign Language?

SLED stands for Sign Language Education & Development. They offer courses in South African Sign Language for beginners and more.

Registration for the 2011 SLED Stage 1 Sign Language course is now open. If you want to register or find out more, contact or take a look at the website,

Happy Signing!

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