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Week 5 Connect

Week 5 Connect Week 5 Connect
Week 5 Connect

Rand Business Forum :

We give deaf business owners an opportunity to network with successful local business people.

Interpreter Graduation & Rainer Schultz :

We see more of the interpreter graduation and find out about the involvement of North-West University.

Also, Dtv gets a surprise visitor from Germany!

Interpreter Graduation & WFD School Awareness :

We take a look at DeafSA's interpreter graduation, including the first graduation of deaf interpreters and level two interpreters.

The WFD is traveling to Deaf schools to raise awareness of the WFD Congress happening this year.

Renee's Paintings, Relay Phone & SANDA :

Lorraine takes a look at some of Renee's brilliant paintings.

We hear from Oticon about an innovation to improve deaf and hard of hearing telephone communication.

Ntombi Mokoena takes us on a tour of the SANDA offices.

Dtv :

Dtv broadcast is on at 08h00 on SATURDAY this week!

Don't miss it!


South African Deaf Golf Team :

We meet some of the deaf golfers from Team SA who participated in the 2010 World Deaf Golf Championships in Scotland. They tell us about their achievements and how they handled the Scottish weather (brrr) !

Topple Down Town

Topple Down Town :

We meet a hard of hearing man who has made a name for himself in the publishing world. Candice Morgan and her son, Mornray, take a look at this man's exciting new children's book!

Deaf Netball.jpg

Deaf Netball Tournament :

We send Bibi off to take a look at some of the country's top deaf netball players who competed at a tournament in Johannesburg.

Deaf Soccer.jpg

Deaf Soccer Tournament :

We send Bibi off to scout some of South Africa's top deaf soccer players at a tournament in Jozi.

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